Partnership Dissolution Agreement

A Partnership Dissolution Agreement signals the intent to dissolve a business partnership.

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When a business partnership is no longer viable for one reason or another, you might want to terminate it.

If that is the case, it can be instrumental in drafting a Partnership Dissolution Agreement to detail everything ahead of you.

What Is a Partnership Dissolution Agreement?

One of the reasons you may need a Partnership Dissolution Agreement is if a Partnership Agreement was never made. Conversely, if you have a Partnership Agreement that all partners have agreed to, the eventual dissolution can perhaps be a lot simpler. That is assuming the original agreement contains provisions regarding the partnership's termination if it is to come to that. Most Partnership Agreements do.

If not, it would be best if you use a Partnership Dissolution Agreement to cover all bases and terminate the partnership as amenable to all partners.

Other Names for Partnership Dissolution Agreement

Depending on your state, a Partnership Dissolution Agreement may also be known as:

  • Termination of Partnership

  • Cancellation of Partnership Agreement

  • Business Partnership Termination

  • Dissolving of General Partnership

  • Dissolution and Termination of Partnership

Who Needs a Partnership Dissolution Agreement?

The partners in a partnership will need a Partnership Dissolution Agreement if they want to get out of the partnership. This would allow your partnership to come to a natural ending and, hopefully, discourage any disputes now or later. Some common reasons for dissolving a partnership include the death of a partner or illegal activity detection.

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How to Create a Partnership Dissolution Agreement with 360 Legal Forms

Partnership Dissolution Agreements may be different, but the details are essential. It is at this point that a proven template can be handy.

Let 360 Legal Forms help with our extensive library of attorney-vetted legal forms. The process is fast and easy. All you have to do is fill out our easy-to-understand questionnaire. Once complete, simply download your form as a PDF or Word document from your secure online account.

What Information Will I Need to Create My Partnership Dissolution Agreement?

To create your document, please provide:

  • Partnership details: The name, address, and other identifying information of the partnership.

  • Partner details: The name and further details of all the partners.

  • Date of dissolution: Specify the date on which the partnership is to be dissolved.

  • Agreement details: If a partnership agreement exists, specify the latest revision date.

  • Asset Distribution: Instructions on how the partnership's assets are to be distributed after the dissolution.

  • Liquidating partner: Identify the partner who is responsible for liquidating the partnership, which would include the inventory, assets, liabilities, and general paperwork.

  • Notice: If you are to publish a public announcement of the dissolution.

  • Signatures: Every partner should sign the document.

Partnership Dissolution Agreement Terms

  • Partnership: A business structure in the United States involving multiple owners and is one step above the sole proprietorship.

  • Dissolution: Dissolving or ending a partnership officially.

  • Interest: This refers to the ownership interest of each of the partners.

  • Severability: The quality of a document, such as an agreement or lawmakers' bill, being valid even when some parts or provisions are struck out (valid without the offending parts or conditions).

  • LLP: The Limited Liability Partnership business structure shields the partners from being personally liable.

  • General Partnership: The standard type of partnership business structure as defined above, without the limited liability.

Partnership Dissolution Agreement Signing Requirements

Every partner in the partnership has to sign the document before it can become legally enforceable. Notarization is not required, but there is nothing to stop you from getting a notary public to witness and notarize the signatures, which may make it harder for someone to challenge later on.

What to Do with Your Partnership Dissolution Agreement

All the partners should take possession of one copy of the Partnership Dissolution Agreement. Also, publishing the notice of dissolution in a local newspaper is standard practice in some states.

Frequently Asked Questions

In regard to business law, the Partnership Dissolution Agreement is a relatively complex area. There are several variations of the partnership business structure, to begin with, and thus the entanglement may vary. If you are uncertain about anything, retaining a business formation attorney may be beneficial.

In some instances, the partners might disagree not to terminate a partnership. This can lead to a dispute, which may make it necessary to consult the official partnership agreement. This agreement would stipulate how disputes in the partnership are to be disposed of.

The technical termination of partnership happens when there is a sale or an exchange of more than half of the partnership's total interests in a one-year period. When this happens, all of the assets and liabilities of the old partnership would then be added to the new partnership. The common use of a technical termination of partnership is when there is a need to remove unfavorable elections in the partnership.

"Winding up" describes the liquidation of all remaining assets after the dissolution of a partnership. More often than not, one partner is selected to take charge of the liquidation, and they are so designated in the Partnership Dissolution Agreement. In short, the company's accounts are to be brought to zero after disposing of assets and liabilities.

Sometimes, rather than leading to the dissolution of a partnership, things may only lead to a dissociation. The end results are generally the same but dissociation does not immediately lead to liquidation. For example, dissociation may be expected if one of the partners withdraws and plunges the partnership into a period of uncertainty.

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