Notice of Meeting

The Notice of Meeting notifies all the meeting attendees about the date and time and the purpose of the meeting.

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Every organization holds meetings. While the daily meetings don't require a formal written notification, others do. Those require a Notice of Meeting.

There are rules about how you should use a Notice of Meeting. It will help a corporation or organization get all the intended attendees to turn up at the meeting.

What Is a Notice of Meeting?

A corporation uses a Notice of Meeting to hold an annual general meeting where the shareholders or directors meet to make decisions and discuss future activities.

In most cases, statutory laws or the company's by-laws require an annual meeting. Among them, public companies must hold statutory meetings every six months and use a Notice of Meeting to announce a meeting.

Companies often choose to schedule these meetings in advance, so the attendees have prior knowledge. In practice, the Notice of Meeting is more commonly used in the event of an extraordinary or unique meeting.

These meetings are usually scheduled when there is a need to pass a special resolution or hold an urgent vote, such as electing a new member of the board of directors.

Other Names for Notice of Meeting

Depending on your state, a Notice of Meeting may also be known as:

  • Meeting Notice

  • Notice of a General Meeting

  • Meeting Notification

  • Notification of Meeting

  • Meeting Message

  • Meeting Letter

Who Needs a Notice of Meeting

Public and private companies may need a Notice of Meeting from time to time. Some meetings may be too important or formal to rely on email or verbal notifications.

To this end, the Notice of Meeting has a particular outline to better inform all relevant parties about the meeting.

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How to Create a Notice of Meeting with 360 Legal Forms

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What Information Will I Need to Create My Notice of Meeting?

To create your document, please provide:

  • Company name: The legal name of the company and the state where it was established.

  • Type of meeting: Specify if it's an annual meeting, special meeting, or something else.

  • Time and location: The address, date, and time of the meeting.

  • List of participants: The group of individuals to be notified about the meeting. For example, shareholders and the board of directors.

  • Purpose of the meeting: The agenda of what will be discussed at the meeting.

  • Notice date: The date of the Notice of Meeting.

  • Sender signature: The company's representative who will be signing and sending the notice.

Notice of Meeting Terms

  • Shareholders: Individuals or entities owning shares in the company

  • Board of Directors: Those hired by the shareholders to act on their behalf

  • Meeting Minutes: A record of everything happening in an official meeting

  • Revenue: A company's annual receipts

  • Corporate by-laws: The internal rules adopted by a company

  • Motion: A proposed action during a meeting

Notice of Meeting Signing Requirements

A designated company representative prepares and signs the Notice of Meeting. Beyond that, there's no need to authenticate the document further. Notarization is not required.

What to Do with Your Notice of Meeting

After the Notice of Meeting is signed, copies of it will be distributed to the meeting participants. As a rule, they should receive the Notice of Meeting at least 21 days before the meeting's date. Furthermore, the notice is to be sent with recipient confirmations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, this is not the best idea. Small companies usually take this approach, but it is not recommended for the annual meetings and other formal meetings of a larger corporation, and definitely not for public companies.

Sometimes a meeting that was meant to happen needs to be rescheduled. And while you might be tempted to notify relevant parties about the reschedule via phone or email, a formal notice is better. Just make sure that you reschedule the meeting with enough time for everyone to attend.

A Waiver of Notice of Meeting is used by a meeting participant to agree that they don’t have to receive an official notice of the meeting, i.e. waiving the Notice of Meeting. This waiver must be received in writing form.

If a compulsory attendee isn’t properly notified of the meeting, it may be ground to invalidate the meeting and what took place in the meeting. Alternatively, you can obtain a waiver in lieu of sending out Notices of Meeting.

A corporate resolution outlines all the significant decisions that the board of directors made in a corporate meeting. The resolution is binding and usually filed together with the Meeting Minutes.

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