Contract Amendment

A Contract Amendment is used to add an amendment to an existing contractual agreement, which can be amended more than one time with no technical upper limit.

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If you ever have to change the terms of an existing agreement, assuming all parties involved agree to the proposed changes, you do not have to draft a new deal but rather amend the current contract with a Contract Amendment.

You can use an amendment to change parts of an existing contract or add new terms to it.

What Is a Contract Amendment?

If you have to change the terms of an agreement in any way, rather than negotiating a new contract, you can add a Contract Amendment to the original agreement. The deal is a legally binding contract, and so are any formal amendments added to it.

Although you can add any number of amendments, it is best to keep them to a reasonable minimum. If people have to hack up an agreement with dozens of modifications completely, it might be easier to work out a new deal, which would automatically replace the old contract.

Other Names for A Contract Amendment

Depending on your state, a Contract Amendment may also be known as:

  • Agreement Amendment
  • Amendment
  • Contract Addendum
  • Addendum to Contract

Who Needs a Contract Amendment?

People and businesses that have agreed to change an existing formal agreement can do so with a Contract Amendment. Generally speaking, a Contract Amendment is not used to make significant changes to existing terms, though it is more acceptable to add new terms. Technically, the parties can amend anything from the listed price to the deadline of an existing agreement.

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How to Create a Contract Amendment with 360 Legal Forms

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What Information Will I Need to Create My Contract Amendment?

To create your document, please provide:

  • Parties Information: The original parties' legal names and addresses in the original form now adding this amendment.
  • Original Contract Details: A brief description of the original agreement, the effective date, and the location where it was signed.
  • Changes to the Original Contract: This is where you explain all of the changes included in the amendment. Refrain from adding unnecessary details subject to misinterpretation.
  • The Effective Date: The date on which the Contract Amendment is to become effective.

Contract Amendment Terms

  • Governing Law: The state's law applying to the Contract Amendment
  • Amendments: Any changes, including the additional variety, to the terms of the original contract

Contract Amendment Signing Requirements

Print out a copy of the Contract Amendment and go through it carefully. To make it official, all parties must sign the contract. It doesn't have to be notarized unless you wish to make it harder to challenge the signatures.

What to Do with Your Contract Amendment?

Give a signed copy of the Contract Amendment to each of the parties involved. Both parties should ideally file the Contract Amendment (and any future amendments) with the original agreement.

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