Company Property Acknowledgment

A Company Property Acknowledgment is used by a business to get its employee to acknowledge responsible usage of their assigned company properties, which can include computers and anything else.

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As an employer, it is standard practice to get your employees to acknowledge receipt and responsible usage of issued company properties. To ensure there is no dispute when an employee leaves the company, companies use a Company Property Acknowledgment.

What Is a Company Property Acknowledgment?

A Company Property Acknowledgment is a form employers use to protect their properties and more. The document usually specifies that anything more than normal wear and tear may result in a deduction of the responsible employee's pay.

The document is also used as a receipt for when the employee is leaving the company. With the acknowledgment, the employer is more likely to retrieve all company properties like the phone, laptop, or vehicle in working order.

Other Names for Company Property Acknowledgment

Depending on the context, your industry, and state, a Company Property Acknowledgment may also be known as:

  • Acknowledgment Receipt

  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of Company Property

  • Company Property Agreement

Who Needs a Company Property Acknowledgment?

Most companies see value in having their employees sign a Company Property Acknowledgment as applicable. It is a way to protect the company and its equipment in the event of damage, misuse, and more.

This document can be essential if inventory provision is a big part of the company's budget.

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How to Create a Company Property Acknowledgment with 360 Legal Forms?

It does not matter if your company has only a few employees or hundreds. The need to take care of company properties cannot be overstated. A Company Property Acknowledgment allows you to do so, so you don't have to waste your precious time creating one yourself.

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What Information Will I Need to Create My Company Property Acknowledgment?

To create your document, please provide:

  • Title: in most cases, it should just be "Company Property Acknowledgment" and nothing more.

  • Acknowledgment date: to be filled out on the day that an employee makes the acknowledgment.

  • The version of the document: if applicable, enter the version number of the document.

  • Statement of acknowledgment: This is where you will list all the applicable properties, including a description of the equipment that the acknowledging employee will be using in service to the company.

  • Names: names of the employer or manager and the employee.

  • Signatures: Both parties should sign the document.

Company Property Acknowledgment Terms

  • Tangible assets: physical and measurable assets or properties

  • Current assets: assets that are readily convertible to cash, such as money in the bank and inventory

  • Fixed assets: assets that are not readily convertible to cash, such as land and equipment

  • Intangible assets: non-physical properties owned

  • Intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights owned

  • Brand Equity: things like logo, symbol, and trade name that may be valuable to the company

Company Property Acknowledgment Signing Requirements

Before getting your employees to sign a Company Property Acknowledgment, it is critical to go over every detail to ascertain the company properties and usage are accurately listed.

Also, make sure the date is correct, and the employee understands they can be on the hook for any potential damage through a deduction in their pay. It is unnecessary to notarize the acknowledgment, but you can if you wish to reduce the odds of the signature getting challenged in court later.

What to Do with Your Company Property Acknowledgment

After the employee signs the Company Property Acknowledgment, the usual practice is to provide a copy to the employee and the employer to keep the original in their records.

Frequently Asked Questions

While an employer can't force an employee to sign a Company Property Acknowledgement, they should explain its importance. Also, prior to hiring, a manager can point out that signing this form is mandatory. In any event, without a Company Property Acknowledgment, you may not be able to hold your employees accountable for any misuse of company properties.

The answer is yes, an emailed acknowledgement can be valid. You can print out the email version of the acknowledgment and file it. Or save the digital version in the company's cloud storage.

All types of employee acknowledgment, including the Company Property Acknowledgment, are not legally binding. But that does not mean they serve no purpose. They can be used as evidence in the event of a dispute involving the company and employee. For example, an employee may claim ignorance of their responsibility for their company-issued phone or laptop.

Employers can expect employees to not use company printers to print reams of personal documents, for example. But for company-issued properties like laptops, cellphones, and cars that employees are allowed to take home, it is unreasonable to expect an employee to always eschew personal use. Of course, any abuse or illegal use of the property may lead to a termination of employment.

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